Are you looking for consulting for your digital processes, do you need project management for an upcoming online project, do you need support with concept, copy or the support of your content management system? Then you are in good hands with blitzrind digital expertise.

But one after the other.

Even if it sometimes seems that way to me, I was not always at home in the digital world. In 1995, with a scholarship from the European Parliament, I wrote my first e-mail in Brussels. Very careful, very cautious with the choice of words, because after all it was an e-mail, not any letter!

Blitzrind digital expertise exists since 2003. After a permanent position as concept developer and project manager at a management consultancy in Hamburg, it was high time for the leap into self-employment. Four years earlier – during my training as “Application Developer Multimedia” at Siemens Nixdorf – I had already brought my first commissioned Internet presence live.

The initial idea was to extend my university career as a political scientist M. A. with a focus on EU and environmental policy (i.e. my quasi “prehistoric” professional field) into the digital realm. But it soon became clear: In view of so many interesting distractions on the WWW, this orientation is far too narrow. Soon I was involved in the development of a large number of very different projects – in addition to environmentally and Europe-oriented sites – sometimes as project manager, sometimes as concept developer, sometimes as editor.

But not for everything you have knowledge and skills as an individual, and certainly not for the manifold requirements and tasks that a digital project entails. And so I consider myself fortunate to have access to an extensive network of experts for all aspects of web and app development.

Holger Rindermann, in March 2020